What is the turnaround time from order to delivery?

Your order will be shipped (from NJ) at the same day if placed before 3PM EST. The transit time is between 3 (East Coast) to 5 (West Coast) business days.

Please note Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are not counted as business days.

What kinds of sanitizers do SWIE dispensers require? 

One of the unique advantages of SWIE dispensers is that they were engineered to work with any hand sanitizers on the market, saving you the hassle and money in the long run, because you don't have to buy a certain kinds of expensive sanitizers from a particular brand.

Are SWIE dispensers touchless? 

Yes, all our dispensers automatically dispense hand soap or sanitizer when your hand is underneath.

I own a restaurant, can I use your dispenser outdoor? 

For outdoor use, purchase our All-Weather series.

Do I need to plug the dispenser into an outlet? 

No, it is battery-powered. The battery can dispense over 60,000 times.

Can I use the dispenser as soap dispenser?
Yes. Our dispensers work for both hand sanitizer and liquid soap.

How many uses (doses) can I get for each refill?
Our dispenser administrates 1100 does (times) for each refill.

What is the SWIE dispenser output volume for each release?
Based on the recommendations from CDC and W.H.O., SWIE dispenser is designed to deliver an effective and satisfying amount of sanitizer or soap in a single actuation. The output volume is 1 mL per actuation (dose); however, if you need more sanitizer on your hand, do not withdraw your hand, the dispenser will continue to release sanitizer onto your hand for up to 10 doses or until you move your hand away from the dispenser.

 Is it like a spray or like a drop? 

Drops, not spray. 

What kind of batteries does it take? 

Four (4) AA Batteries.

Does Swie dispensers have warranty?

Yes! While others on the market offer one (1) year warranty for their dispensers, Swie dispensers come with two (2) year warranty, because our dispensers are engineered to higher standards: Heavy duty casings, premium motor and pump.

Do we have to use refills made by your company? 

You can use any brand hand sanitizer (also called handrubs or waterless hand sanitizer), or liquid soap. Simply pour the soap or sanitizer into the tank.

What kind of sanitizer do you make? 

We make hand sanitizer gel with 80% ethyl alcohol as recommended by CDC and World Health Organization. All SWIE hand sanitizer products are made in the US, in FDA inspected facility, with FDA registration (FDA National Drug Code Directory NDC #: 75569-200-03)

Where will my order ship from? 

All orders ship from Cranbury, New Jersey. We ship orders the same day if received before 3PM EST.

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