Hand Sanitizer With Benzalkonium Chloride

Question: Can I use hand sanitizers with Benzalkonium Chloride as active ingredient, instead of alcohol-based hand sanitizers? 


FDA’s temporary policies during the COVID-19 public health emergency cover only alcohol-based (ethanol and isopropyl alcohol) hand sanitizer, they do not cover the use of other active or inactive ingredients not otherwise mentioned in the guidance for use in hand sanitizer, including benzalkonium chloride.

What's more, CDC only recommends hand sanitizers with alcohol as active ingredient (ethanol and isopropyl alcohol)

In other words, hand sanitizers with benzalkonium chloride as active ingredient are not recommended by either federal agencies.

Since July 2020, FDA has banned over 200 hand sanitizers. Click the links below to learn more.

FDA Sanitizer  Do-Not-Use List


Download the FDA sanitizer Do-Not-Use List PDF

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